Letter from Diversity Chair

We know that a diverse workplace makes us better at what we do – serving our clients and our communities.  At Kaufman & Canoles, we recognize the social necessity of a diversity policy, but also understand that it is a crucial factor in our business success. To compete in a global marketplace and to serve corporate clients who express their diversity expectation in their representation, we must also demand diversity and equality within the firm. Our future depends on the recruitment and retention of talented, young and experienced lawyers. We would be remiss to exclude such a large talent base by not embracing diversity among our attorneys.

As Chair of the Diversity Committee and a mother of two young children, I am proud to lead the nine member Diversity Committee which is committed to increasing and strengthening diversity and inclusion at Kaufman & Canoles.  Should you have any questions about our diversity initiatives, I welcome you to contact me.


Mary Elizabeth Sherwin